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 Tenakee folk in front of new bathhouse, about 1929 (ASL-P01-3848)

Welcome to the Tenakee Historical Collection

 The THC is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, volunteer association organized to:

  • Research, archive and preserve the history of Tenakee Springs and surrounding area of Southeast Alaska, and

  • Make the collected historical information available to researchers and the public when appropriate through its files, by display, and by publication.      

Tenakee Springs is a community of about 100 residents on the north shore of Tenakee Inlet on Chichagof Island in Southeast Alaska. Its first settlers of European descent arrived in the late nineteenth century. Fishing, canning, logging and hunting supported the local economy for decades, and commercial crabbing and fishing are still an important part of the economy. Tenakee residents continue to depend on fishing and hunting for subsistence.

The natural hot springs which give the town its name had long been used by the Tlingit Indians and continue to be one of the main attractions of the town today for tourists as well as residents.

"Inaugural Voyage" 1978 Lithograph by Rie Munoz, reproduced with permission. 

Over 50 years after the picture at the top of this page was taken, the first regular ferry service to Tenakee began in 1978.

Ferry arrival, 2012. Photo by Cynthia Meyer, reproduced with permission.

The ferry continues to serve  Tenakee, twice a week year-round.  Each sailing provides a vital link to otherwise isolated Southeast Alaska communities and fuels our local economy. 





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