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Congratulations Tenakee Springs!

We have reached our Fund Raising Goal for the 2012 Bathhouse Restoration Project

December 2, 2012


Success feels good.  THANK YOU one and all for the incredible support you have given to the 2012 Bathhouse Restoration Project.  Your support, in whatever form it came  – through labor, materials and/or monetary donations – has been essential to the success of the project.  Between your gifts and the nearly $16,000 Rasmuson Foundation Grant awarded in September, we have reached our Fund Raising goal.

The Tenakee Historical Collection will continue to take tax deductible donations earmarked for the project through December 31, 2012.  Beginning January 1, the Bathhouse Committee will once again become the primary fund manager and will be happy to take donations for continuing expenses such as maintenance and cleaning.[1]


Phases 1 – 5 of the project are now complete.  Phases 6 and 7 are planned for early Spring 2013. Those phases entail repairs to the exterior siding of the Changing Room, as well as restoration of the two roofs and repairs to the cupola over the bath.  Barring unforeseen circumstances, we have sufficient funds to purchase the materials and fund much of the labor for those phases.  Come Spring, we’ve no doubt Kevin will enthusiastically tackle all that remains to be done.  Volunteer labor will once again be greatly appreciated during those final two phases, so please coordinate with him if you can spare a few hours.


The 2012 Tenakee Bathhouse Restoration and Geothermal Heating Project fund raising effort netted a total of ~$47,000: 

  • ·      ~$22,000 in monetary donations,
  • ·      ~$9,000 in in-kind contributions and
  • ·      ~$16,000 in grant funds (Rasmuson Foundation).

We thank you, one an all – those who live here, those who vacation here, and those who simply love Tenakee’s Bath.  For more information on the Bathhouse and the Restoration Project see "Bathhouse".

Tenaakee Historical Collection Board of Directors


[1] The Bathhouse Committee  is not a 501(C)(3)

Good News!

In late September, THC learned the Alaska Rasmuson Foundation had approved our application for a Tier I Grant for work on the Bathhouse  The check arrived October 19th and work towards completion of the Tenakee Springs 2012 Bathhouse Restoration and Geothermal Heating Project is in full swing! For more information on the project visit  the "Bathhouse".

Board Meeting

The THC board will meet November 17 at the Community Center in Tenakee.  Board members and officers are asked to attend and all are welcome.  Details will be posted on community bulletin boards and on eBB TIDES (e-Bulletin Board for Tenakee Information, Dates, Events, Schedules) which is sent out weekly on late Sunday for early Monday morning receipt. (If you do not receive eBBTIDES and would like to do so, send your request and email address to

 Summer Intern

The "Tiltin' Hilton," a Tenakee landmark. Pen and ink drawing by Nancy Collinsworth, reproduced with permission.Our 2012 intern, Kate Duffy, arrived June 24 for an eight-week stay.  The artifacts and archives on which she worked were transported to her makeshift office in the community center by hand.  Kate is a graduate student in history at the University of Delaware. She’s an honors graduate of Swarthmore College with a degree in English. Along with her MA, Kate is working for a Certificate in Museum Studies.

During her stay she worked on all aspects of the Tenakee Historical Collection, including prioritizing and cataloging our items, planning the displays in our new museum, and helping us plan educational and docents programs. In order to facilitate cooperation, most museums in Alaska use the same standard software for cataloguing their collections. THC has purchased this program, called PastPerfect, and Kate trained THC members in its use.

Kate’s expenses were paid by a grant from the Alaska State Museum. Len and Patricia Ceder donated the use of their cabin for her stay.

To read about Kate's work and her reflections regarding Tenakee, she invites you to visit her blog (Kate's blog). 

Tenakee Museum to Open 2013

The museum is housed in a Snyder Mercantile annex, a small building that has served as a liquor store for about a hundred years.  It was originally a cabin located uphill from the store. Many years ago it was slid down the hill and positioned on pilings at its present location. Snyder Mercantile has leased the building to the THC for $1 a month. We hope to have the museum open for regular hours by summer 2013.

Volunteer Opportunities

Email Teresa Hura at to volunteer for any of the following opportunities:

Cleaning and painting the museum interior
Aid in cataloging the collection
Clerical work, e.g. light word processing, scanning documents
Train to serve as a docent (welcomes and guides visitors through the museum)