Bathhouse Changes Through the Years    

Original log bathhouse containing hot spring. Early 1900s.The bathhouse has been through several incarnations.  Prior to 1900 the bathing area was an unimproved open pool, but around the turn of the century the pool area was enlarged and covered with a log structure. 









First structure containing both hot sping and dressing room.



The log cabin was replaced with a new building in 1920 and a dressing room was added. At about the same time the U.S. Forest Service extended the concrete apron around the tub.  Notice that the entire structure was covered by a gabled roof in this 1929 photograph.





Present conformation with gabled dressing room and flat-roofed hot spring room. Photo by Cynthia Meyer.

The present structure shown in this 2012 photograph was built in 1939.  The major change was to separate the dressing room from the tub room, which was reconstructed with poured concrete walls and a flat roof, cupola and skylights.  These changes produced a structure that has lasted 72 years. Though in recent decades the building has shown its age, a colorful mural painted on the north wall in 2009 by Tenakee resident artists Pete Bogart, Robin Hiersche, and Carlene Allred spruced up its appearance. 

The walls have changed from log to wood frame to concrete, but the tub itself has changed relatively little since its enlargement in about 1900. 


Tub (9'L x 6'W x 5'D) in log cabin (early 1900s)   Same tub, different bathhouse! Note concrete walls from 1939 renovation. Photo by Cynthia Meyer (2010) reproduced with permission.





Cupola over tub. Photo by Cynthia Meyer.Today the skylight in the cupola over the tub brightens an otherwise relatively dark room.


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