2012 Restoration & Geothermal Heating Project Notes and Slide Show

The slide show (below) provides a visual montage of our project to date. It includes "before" pictures, photos taken during and after the wall work, photos taken during and after the tile work, and photos taken as the steps in the bath were resurfaced.  In addition, if you watch closely, you'll catch glimpses of the "magic" Kevin worked to bring heated water into a spring-box under the structure and heat into the in-floor tubing system.

Notes on Changing Room

Although the hot spring tub room has always been warm, the dressing room was another matter.  Before installing the in-floor geothermal heating system, the floor had to be insulated and the tongue-and-groove wall and ceiling boards had to be removed to access and insulate the spaces between the studs and rafters. Once they were down, it was apparent that the entire wall between the pool and dressing rooms had to be replaced.  The 1939 wall had been cobbled together with bits and pieces of 2x4's scavenged from the forms used to pour the pool concrete and the wall was no longer sound (if it ever had been)

Collaboration and Success

Thanks to tremendous collaboration among all, we now have a Changing Room and Bath that are sustainable, pleasing to the eye, comfortable, and soothing to the soul.  When the work on the exterior of the building is completed next Spring, we will have a modern facility with historic character that will be fully ready to serve current (and future) generations of Tenakee residents and visitors alike - just as it always has!


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Restoration Slide Show

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